Blog: October 2019


    Key points The basic Brexit scenarios remain the same. The most likely short-term outcome is another extension of the date. The risk posed by Brexit to the Spanish economy is moderate, with the most vulnerable export markets being those of the automotive and agricultural sectors. As far as services are concerned, the greatest impact could… View Article

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  • Renewable energies—new projects ahead: Spain’s National Market and Competition Commission (CNMC)

    Renewable energy and the CNMC in Spain Draft circulars released by the National Market and Competition Commission (CNMC) to establish the tariff framework for the gas and electricity sectors for the next regulatory period (2020-2025) have ruffled feathers in one industry, the energy sector, which is already swamped by regulation after regulation, successive cutbacks, and… View Article

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  • The Economic Impact of the Political Uncertainty

    Spain has faced four elections in as many years, something unknown in neighbouring countries, and the economic consequences are by no means insignificant. Spain is facing a slowdown more severe than that forecast by the government only a few months ago. In July 2019, the Minister for Finance issued an assurance that consideration was being… View Article

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  • Spanish Construction Industry Analysis: Growth and Forecast for 2020

    Key points The majority of Spain’s economic indicators have been revised downwards: a mood of caution exists, but there are still expectations of construction sector growth. The demand for housing, an important element in determining building companies’ expectations, has been affected by high prices and the uncertainty surrounding mortgages. On the other hand, there are… View Article

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  • What is surety bond insurance and what are its benefits?

    Ofrece importantes beneficios a las empresas frente al aval bancario

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