We assist clients in government bidding and hiring processes.

Our surety bonds provide access to any national or international government bid, from the pre-qualification stage through the contract award.

Our surety bonds allow your company to ensure compliance with its third-party contractual obligations.

We provide coverage for advance payments, compliance and, if applicable, the warranty period. In general, we study any private contractual obligation that may be claimed by a third party.

Aserta provides coverage for your international projects.

Aside from issuing surety bonds in Spain, we also provide coverage in most countries in the American continent, backed by the leading insurance and reinsurance companies in the world.

We cover your company’s obligations and avoid risks that could interfere with its business operations.

We provide guarantees for tax payments, deferments and appeals to administrative dispute courts and other regulatory agencies.

We ensure compliance with legal and administrative obligations, including customs bonds, AENA, MEFF, FEGA, renewable energy grid connection guarantees, subsidies, authorisations, etc.

We guarantee that advance payments made by home buyers to the developer before and/or during construction are returned if construction does not start or does not end within the agreed term for the delivery of the house, and the developer does not return the advance payments received from buyers IPID Housing.